Summer/Fall Training Season – Registration OPEN!


Arlington Road Runners Club (ARRC) invites runners of all abilities to join us! ARRC offers a gradual 24-week training program to help you achieve your goals and get you ready for a fall race (even if its a solo virtual race).

This year, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are adjusting our plan and will be hosting a virtual season until we are given the go-ahead to gather as a group.  We will provide a detaled weekly training plan to ensure you are building your miles gradually and safely. This year we will open our route library up to our members to help take the stress of route planning off your shoulders even though you’ll be running alone. In addition to the training plan we will provide ideas for speed, strength, and, stretching to help you meet your goals.  Plus, we will actively engage with you on social media to help you feel supported. New runners have the option to be paired up with a mentor if desired.

Though the program is scheduled to end with the Marine Corps Marathon in October, our members train for races all around the country and overseas, so we can work with you to adjust your mileage for your target race – virtual or in person. We look forward to running with you!

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New Website!

We are working on updating the website and it is a work in progress!  Please be patient with us as we get everything sorted out.

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ARRC relies upon volunteers to help make the training experience enjoyable for all our runners and walkers! We have 2 main areas that we look for volunteers on a weekly basis:

  • Homebase Volunteers
    This volunteer will sit at Gateway Park (or during the winter months, COSI just down the street) and watch keys, coats, etc for our runners, along with the group supplies such as water and gatorade. The time commitment can last anywhere from 1-3 hours on a typical basis.. on the extra long runs, it would be nice to have 2 volunteers to split the time.
  • Waterstop Volunteers
    This volunteer will set up a table with water, gatorade and/or snacks along the route that our runners and walkers will be travelling. A board member will help pick out the spot for you depending upon the route and length of the run.

All waterstop and homebase volunteers will receive a $25 gift card for each volunteer duty as a THANK YOU for your help! Additionally, homebase volunteer will also be reimbursed for parking in WJLA garage by submitting the receipt to the Club Treasurer.

That said, receiving a gift card for volunteering must be pre-arranged. This will avoid issues when several members show up unannounced on the same date. This will also allow currently scheduled volunteers to choose whether they still want to volunteer, would rather run, or would prefer to sleep.

Mentors may also benefit from a $25 gift card AFTER they fulfill their obligation to host one waterstop or one homebase. They should also take into consideration filling the longer distance needs before offering to host a 10 mile or shorter run.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to or contact one of our board of directors!

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Inclement Weather

ARRC trains in nearly all types of weather. You never know what to expect come race day.

However, if there are thunderstorms, we do NOT run. If you wake up and hear thunder or see lightning, go back to sleep.

During winter training we will not run if the trails are unsafe due to ice/snow.

In the event of a cancellation we will post an announcement on this website and also the facebook page, so check one of those resources before heading out!

It might be a good idea to carry some cash or a metro card just in case you need to bail out during the middle of a run.

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