ARRC “Rules”

We wish for everyone to have a fun and safe experience while training with ARRC. To that extent we ask that you please follow our rules. These are the same rules that are included in the ARRC waiver during registration: 

  • No Headphones during runs
    headphones can be quite dangerous since they limit your ability to hear what is going on in your surroundings. We want you to be able to hear a biker or other runner approaching.
  • Everyone is required to supply his/her own hydration device
    While we will provide water and sports drink at home base and on our longest runs, you may find yourself in need of hydration on a shorter run or before you reach a water stop.
  • No more than 2 abreast on the trails
    This allows others to pass you safely. If a bike or another runner calls ‘on your left’ it is also good form to move into a single file to allow them more room especially if there is oncoming traffic. Remember, you may need to pass someone else and will appreciate it if you aren’t sent out into harms way!
  • No more than 10 in a group on the trails
    This is also so faster runners and bicyclists can pass you safely. It’s much easier to pass a few people quickly. Don’t bunch!
  • Announce your walk breaks
    When taking a walk break, ensure you don’t stop suddenly in the middle of the trail or cut in front of someone who will now be faster than you; it’s just as easy to cut in behind someone. If you know people are near you, move to the side; alternatively, do a quick glance before stopping to ensure you aren’t cutting anyone off.
  • If you need to stop for any reason, move off the trail
    If you need to re-tie your sneaker or if you drop something, please step off the trail and assess the situation. If you suddenly bend down a bike might not see your new low profile. You don’t have brake lights so other runners won’t know your intention to stop until it’s too late! If you are turning around on the trail, also step off to make sure it’s safe to do so first.
  • Have fun and take an active part in the club!
    ARRC welcomes all suggestions on how we may improve our program — feel free to discuss with any mentor, director or by email (
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