ARRC is looking for leaders to volunteer to be a mentor/pace leader!

Mentors should have a positive attitude and set an example for members by following the ARRC “Rules”.  ARRC will cover your membership fee and any costs associated with Red Cross First Aid and CPR training.  In return we ask that you maintain the following responsibilities:

  • Attend at least 75% of the weekly Saturday long runs
  • Run/walk at various paces periodically to meet all members of your group
  • Participate and lead group in warm-ups before run/walk
  • Be available and willing to answer questions from members
  • Carry a cell phone on group runs in case of emergency
  • Volunteer for at least one homebase or waterstop (friend or family member is fine)
  • Attend periodic mentor meetings as needed (generally 10-15 minutes prior to group runs)
  • Submit bio and photo for posting on website
  • Join the ARRC-Mentors Yahoo group for special communication needs

If you are interested in becoming an mentor or pace leader for ARRC, please contact a member of the Board of Directors, indicating your pace group and program (marathon, half marathon, fitness).

Disclaimer: Unless noted otherwise and/or mentor is a certified coach, please acknowledge that mentors are not certified and any advice, especially medical or nutrition related, are simply the opinions of the mentor and absolutely does not eliminate the need to follow up with a doctor or other medical expert, especially in the case of injuries!