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Training for a full marathon?

Rod is leading extra mileage runs before/after the regular Saturday runs for those training for a full marathon.  While officially, ARRC offers only half marathon and fitness programs during the winter, these runs are an option to experienced marathoners who are interested in running a marathon in the spring or who simply want to do more mileage on Saturdays. There will be an added note/mileage on to the weekly maps.  Please join the ARRC-ExtraMileage Yahoo group if you are interested in participating in these extra runs.  XM runners are expected to carry their own car keys if they cannot return to homebase in the alotted time.

Winter 2011

The fall weather is the perfect time for running.  We hope that everyone is enjoying this perfect running weather. Fall racing already underway, means that winter training is just around the corner.  Be prepared.  Train with friends and join us. Together we’ll brave the winter weather!

Registration Link

Season dates:  11/26/11 – 4/7/12
Start time:  7:30am –

Winter Homebase  – Starbucks
$20 for members PLUS receive a $5 gift card for referring a friend!

Track Workouts Start May 11

Track workouts will begin next Wednesday, May 11 at 6:30 PM!  These workouts will be mainly on the track but we will also have hills for repeats and trail workouts. The idea is to get people to find other “gears” in their running, by doing faster paces for shorter distances than the slower pace of the Saturday long runs. The workouts are available to members at no extra charge and are important for anyone who wants to get faster and have better conditioning for races.  Weekly emails with workouts, locations (for those weeks not at the track) and other information will be sent by our track coach, Rod, through the ARRC-Track Yahoo Group – please join this group if you are interested in track workouts with ARRC!

Spring Races

This is a collection of area races that our members often participate in.  Of course members are welcome to do any race they choose, or no race at all.  Please make note of registration dates for your chosen race(s) — ARRC does not include race membership; you must research, select and register for any event you would like to participate in:

Fall Races

This is a collection of area races that our members often participate in.  Of course members are welcome to do any race they choose, or no race at all.  Please make note of registration dates for your chosen race(s) — ARRC does not include race membership; you must research, select and register for any event you would like to participate in:


If, for any reason, you decide you no longer wish to run with ARRC, here is our refund policy:

Spring/Summer season refund request made by:
June 15 – 80%
July 15 – 40%
No refunds after July 15th.

Fall/Winter season refund request made by:
December 31 – 80%
January 31 – 40%
No refunds February-March.

For a refund, please send a copy of your registration to:


Train of Thought is our newsletter distributed weekly to all registered members!  This is our main communication with the current members with important information regarding weekly long runs, volunteer information, race registration information, midweek mileage, and much much more…

There is also a quarterly version of Train of Thought that is distributed past, current and potential members of the club.  To sign up for this newsletter simply enter your email address on the newsletter form located along the right panel of this website.

If you are a registered member of ARRC and are not receiving this newsletter, please take the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Add to your address book (check your spam folder!).
  • Make sure you are checking the same email account that you used to register for ARRC.
  • Send an email to if you still cannot find the newsletter (please note if you would like the newsletter to go to a different email address than what you used for registration).

If you are no longer interested in receiving this newsletter, simply follow the unsubscribe directions located at the bottom of any issue.

Please note that is an unmonitored email account.  All newsletter inquiries should be sent to!


ARRC is looking for leaders to volunteer to be a mentor/pace leader!

Mentors should have a positive attitude and set an example for members by following the ARRC “Rules”.  ARRC will cover your membership fee and any costs associated with Red Cross First Aid and CPR training.  In return we ask that you maintain the following responsibilities:

  • Attend at least 75% of the weekly Saturday long runs
  • Run/walk at various paces periodically to meet all members of your group
  • Participate and lead group in warm-ups before run/walk
  • Be available and willing to answer questions from members
  • Carry a cell phone on group runs in case of emergency
  • Volunteer for at least one homebase or waterstop (friend or family member is fine)
  • Attend periodic mentor meetings as needed (generally 10-15 minutes prior to group runs)
  • Submit bio and photo for posting on website
  • Join the ARRC-Mentors Yahoo group for special communication needs

If you are interested in becoming an mentor or pace leader for ARRC, please contact a member of the Board of Directors, indicating your pace group and program (marathon, half marathon, fitness).

Disclaimer: Unless noted otherwise and/or mentor is a certified coach, please acknowledge that mentors are not certified and any advice, especially medical or nutrition related, are simply the opinions of the mentor and absolutely does not eliminate the need to follow up with a doctor or other medical expert, especially in the case of injuries!


ARRC relies upon volunteers to help make the training experience enjoyable for all our runners and walkers! We have 2 main areas that we look for volunteers on a weekly basis:

  • Homebase Volunteers
    This volunteer will sit at Gateway Park (or during the winter months, COSI just down the street) and watch keys, coats, etc for our runners, along with the group supplies such as water and gatorade. The time commitment can last anywhere from 1-3 hours on a typical basis.. on the extra long runs, it would be nice to have 2 volunteers to split the time.
  • Waterstop Volunteers
    This volunteer will set up a table with water, gatorade and/or snacks along the route that our runners and walkers will be travelling. A board member will help pick out the spot for you depending upon the route and length of the run.

All waterstop and homebase volunteers will receive a $25 gift card for each volunteer duty as a THANK YOU for your help! Additionally, homebase volunteer will also be reimbursed for parking in WJLA garage by submitting the receipt to the Club Treasurer.

That said, receiving a gift card for volunteering must be pre-arranged. This will avoid issues when several members show up unannounced on the same date. This will also allow currently scheduled volunteers to choose whether they still want to volunteer, would rather run, or would prefer to sleep.

Mentors may also benefit from a $25 gift card AFTER they fulfill their obligation to host one waterstop or one homebase. They should also take into consideration filling the longer distance needs before offering to host a 10 mile or shorter run.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to or contact one of our board of directors!