Membership in ARRC is semi-annual based upon the following schedule.  Please see the registration link on the side bar for the current season.  All registration is done online through

Spring/Summer Season (Apr/May – Oct)

Opening day will be at Gateway Park at 8:00 AM.  After opening day, runs will shift to 7:00 AM and then to 6:00 AM in the hotter months to avoid the heat.  Water and/or gatorade will be provided at Gateway Park after each run and we will have a waterstop set up for any distance over 10 miles.

Registration will open April and remains open until the full marathon group reaches 10 miles.  If you wish to join after this point, please send an email to  We feel that it is unsafe for beginners to join at such a high distance, however if you have been running or walking on your own, or would like to join the half-marathon or fitness group, we can make an exception.