Weekly Workouts

Saturday Long Runs
Saturday long runs are the main function of the club. They start at 3 miles or 30 minutes and slowly build up over the course of the season. Every Saturday we meet at Gateway Park in Rosslyn for announcements and warmups before heading out on one of the many jogging paths around DC and Arlington.

Track Workouts
Track workouts are optional, and occur mid-week, usually on Wednesdays though this day is subject to change based upon track and coach availability. Track workouts are held at Washington & Lee High School in Arlington. For those interested in these workouts, there is a ARRC Google Group you can join and you will receive weekly emails regarding that week’s workout and any schedule changes.

Midweek Run/Walks
Midweek workouts are done as solo workouts, though we do offer guidance for the distance or time you should be doing between long runs. Look in the weekly newsletter or in the members only Facebook group for information on how much you should be running and walking on your own during the week!